By LeMachi

*Knock Knock*

That always hurts.

Not that I'm complaining, it's good to feel much of anything anymore. I'm sure the placement of my ring was no accident. The Sorceress is cruel like that.

It's a strange feeling, being motionless for so long. The simple movement of the door opening has become a thrill. I live now from use to use. Longing for the feeling of someone touching my brass skin, simply being used by some unfortunate lost soul can make me giddy for a week. A few times Bat has come by, cackling gleefully, and pounded my ring painfully against me. She doesn't realize that I look forward even to those painful visits. Even feeling pain is better than the feeling of nothing I usually have. Occasionally, one of the other girls the Sorceress has ensnared comes by and gives me a through cleaning, polishing my bronze skin to a bright sheen. Those are the best times, and with each dawn I find myself hoping that that day will be a cleaning day.

I have seen many people come through this door, but I have seen none of them leave. I still want to shout out a warning as they hesitantly approach the house, tell them to turn and run. But all I can do is announce their presence to the Sorceress. Then she will come and draw the door open. Sometimes she acts kindly, and invites them in. If she is in a foul mood she sometimes begins her fun right here, where I can watch. I have seen many men become women, and many women loose their humanity. Then she will take them inside and the life they used to know is over forever. Occasionally, if a visitor annoys the Sorceress enough, they are not invited in, but neither do they leave.

I am one of those who so upset the Sorceress. I came here in service to the gods. I had devoted my life to them, and telling others how they too could gain the same special relationship with them that I had. I have not always been welcomed, but I was never discouraged. When I came across this lone mansion deep in the forest, I didn't think anything of telling whoever lived here the same thing I have preached all across the land.

I'm sure you can fill in what happened. It had taken me a long time to adjust to this new life. For a long time after my transformation I found my faith in the gods tested. How could they have left me to this fate? I, who have devoted my life to them?

Then one cold winter's night, caked in snow and ice, I realized the gods were testing me. This was all a test of my faith, and I had come so close to failing! Since then I have continued to live my life for them. I pray to them, and thank them for the simple joys they bless me with, like a good cleaning or even a painful knock.

I wouldn't say I'm happy with what has become of my life. Every day I pray to each and every god to release me from this fate. And each day they have chosen to remain silent. But I have managed a certain peace with the new existence the Sorceress has given me. I have learned patience, and so I wait silently, confident in my faith.

Someday, the gods will free me.


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