Julius Dreggs

"If it exists then I'm the guy who can get it for you. If it doesn't exist then it might take a bit longer. Now let's talk about price."

Dreggs is the go to guy for the rare and the strange. He's a merchant who has scoured the known Galaxy for exotic items to sell. He'll sell anything to anyone for the right price. This is his big claim to fame. He does have one other claim to fame.

He's a Panling.

Five standard years before he was a short fat bald guy with a mustache, and now, well, he's still short. Dreggs now appears to be a panling in every physical way, whether he has any of their powers is up for debate. He's never shown any ability that couldn't be associated with one of his rare doodads. However he has two features that make him stand out from any other panling. He wears clothing and has no problem paying attention or concentrating to the job at hand.

How he became a panling is unknown, though rumors have it that it was all part of an elaborate plan to escape from a Herapi ship. However it happened, Dreggs hasn't changed much, he still eats too much, smokes too much, and drives a hard bargain. He also politely insists on be referred to as Male, even thought its pretty clear that he is no longer. He has made no attempt to get changed back and seems to not care that he's no longer human.

This is a brief list of some of the things Dreggs' has for sale.

Murphy ball:

This Golf ball sized sphere is covered in almost microscopic etched symbols, with a button on top. Pushing the button causes the item to effect the potentials and odds of reality, pushing it again turns it off. A person who uses this item will have good luck until the item is turned off. However the item needs to recharge after this, thatís when the problems start. For every action there is and equal and opposite reaction. For all the good luck the ball causes it will cause an equal amount of bad luck.

One guy who bought one walked into an orbiting casino and turned the ball on. He then put his life's saving up on one spin of the roulette wheel. He won a fortune. Later that night he tripped and fell down the stairs of the hotel and died.

There are rumors of an improved Murphy ball that gives the owner good luck while giving every one around them bad luck. If others found out that a person was in possession of one of these they would not be very happy.

Buyer beware.

Time gun:

The time gun is a very odd item. When this bulky weapon is aimed at a person and the trigger is pulled it fires a small slug of lead at high velocity. This is not odd, the fact that it fires the slug one day back in time is. A person shot by this gun will have suffered the wound 29.3 hours previously. Shooting a person in a room will cause that person to disappear, they will suddenly be in a hospital, morgue or wherever they would have been if shot a day before. No one knows where this item is from or who made it.

Mediezan Criminal Busts

The Mediezan society does not have a great deal of crime, but it does exist. The punishment for most criminal acts is to be turned into a Nagha, however for those persons that commit more severe crimes there is another penalty. Individuals convicted of capital crimes are turned into living stone with Mediezan petrifaction technology. Then these infamous statues are sold at auction to recover funds spent in prosecuting them. A particularly well known convict can fetch a very high price. Before these statues are delivered to the buyer, diamond tipped saws are used to chop the statue into a bust of the criminal. That way if anyone were to reverse the petrifaction it would be, um, messy.

Dreggs currently has several busts of some of the Mediezian's more notorious criminals on display, and for sale.

Potted Herapi

According to Dreggs these strange items will be all the rage next year. They appear to be very small Herapi crossed with an alien mushroom, planted in a decorative pot. The Herapi is silent but reacts to people, snarling and gnashing at them. Dreggs refuses to state where he gets them, but he says that he's still in negotiations with the manufacturer. He currently has two on display on his desk.

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