The Ba'ramyu

Bipedal and humanoid, the Ba'ramyu sport large ram like horns curving back over their heads. Their digitigrade legs end in hoof like padded toes similar to an Earth llama. They have only two fingers and a thumb on their hands and are covered in thick wool. This fur grows rapidly and constantly. Shaving is a daily ritual and has developed into a fine art. The Ba'ramyu don't bother with clothes, they simply shave bare whatever areas or pattern they desire based on climate, artistic tastes, and individual sense of modesty. Female Ba'ramyu are just as capable of growing facial hair as males, but mostly shave it off. Properly shorn females are occasionally mistaken for Panlings, even though Ba'ramyu don't have tails.

They are vegetarian by nature, and can eat just about anything else they want, including plants that are toxic to most other species. The Ba'ramyu can survive in just about any natural environment they please. Ba'ramyu society is, in its natural state, quite passive, with its members dedicating themselves to agrarian or artistic pursuits. Their normal technological level is (or was, see below) negligible. They are capable of metalwork but rarely bother. It might be unfair to call them primitive, because in terms of mathematics, philosophy, and most other aspects of society they are quite advanced. Technology has just never been that important for them. For many centuries, the Ba'ramyu peacefully led a semi-nomadic existence, moving from one cultivated region to another, enjoying the good life.

Then came First Contact,

Then Second,

Then Third.

As it turned out, the Ba'ramyu had the bad luck to be located at a nexus point between K'N'Tara space, Herapi space, and Medieza space. Even worse, all three species discovered the Ba'ramyu at about the same time....and all three basically had the same thought:

"Wow, who ordered the slave race?"

Surprisingly to all three species, there were a number of things the Ba'ramyu had going for them that were not evident at first glance:

1.) Although peaceful, the Ba'ramyu have a stubborn streak a parsec wide, to the point of actually being resistant to outside influences on their mental behavior. K'N'Tara weaponry and other technology could transform them just fine, but the mental programming just doesn't take. K'N'Tara and Medieza slaves immediately rebel, and even Herapi furniture or bio-slaves refuse to function properly, despite torture or withholding vital nutrients..."Live free or die" isn't just a way of's practically encoded at the cellular level.

2.) Ba'ramyu were at the top of their food chain on their planet not for their aggressive qualities, but because they could eat and metabolize anything. This is good because all plant life on the Ba'ramyu home world is extremely toxic, and in some cases, even radioactive! The invading forces not equipped with hazmat gear soon got some very ugly surprises. Radium Fleas, considered a minor pest by the Ba'ramyu have since become a serious problem on many Herapi ships.

The Ba'ramyu have recently been contacted by members of the human confederation and have found a potential ally. Any foe of the K'N'Tara or Herapi is a potential friend. The Confederation has been teaching them technology which they are taking to surprisingly fast.

Opinions on other races

Humans: violent little monkeys, but they can be reasonable when they want to, and are in the same boat...they might make good partners, if they're willing to share.

K'N'Tara: They don't have a society. They have a we don't want to catch.

Herapi: we didn't have a word for "devil" until we met them...of course, the Humans tell us the Devil was eventually kicked out....

Medieza: they might become allies one day, but we don't want to be ruled by them any more than we did the others.

Panling: "no relation can put down the probes now...."

Mynotaer: We can't help but feel a little sorry for them, because we could have BEEN them, if we had let the other races tell us what to do. Maybe we can help those Ios?

Gozblinadtachdes: well, at least they're just being true to their natures, but I doubt we'll be inviting them over for dinner.

By Chaotic

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