"Witches and Warlock's, Wizard's and Sorcerers. These are the things that make up the stories of ghosts and goblins. Tales that are told around the camp fire on hot summer nights, or the crude make up that we would wear on those Halloween nights, when we went out spooking the neighborhood!"

"But are they truly just stories told to frighten us and those others we called mommas kid's! such creatures actually exist? We all know that lore and myth are in fact based on reality. Granted changed over the ages, but still rooted in the reality of that primitive humanity."

"Tonight we will expose if such creatures actually exist in our modern world. Tonight we culminate the investigation into this phenomenon! And for the first time anywhere. YOU, dear viewers will see such a person!"

"She calls herself MISTRESS FEALDSPAR, A woman who other noted magicians and witches claim to be one of the most powerful sorceresses in history!! Earlier today we have attempted to gain an interview with the mistress, but where unable to locate her at her residence. So now, we go forward and discover this woman's true nature!!"

"Got it!?" The military clad young woman resounds in dictatorial tone.

"Yeah! Got it! But Kim you know this is illegal! And the boss already told us this is the last time. He's not going to pull our asses out of the fire if we get caught again."

"Look!! We tried to do this legally, we checked her...her,mansion, or whatever you want to call it! And no one home! This bitch has got to be exposed! People come here and are never seen again! Men come calling and suddenly the female population grows. Missing person reports of people being seen here and never seen again! This woman even has the local police scared shitless! OH NO MY DEAR DON!!! THIS IS PULITZER PRIZE MATERIAL!!!"

"Pulitzer prize material?? Kim...The cops have nothing but praise for this so called bitch. She co-operated fully with every investigation. Just because she's a recluse doesn't mean she the devil incarnate! I'm telling you right now!! It this gamble shows nothing, and we don't get caught and thrown in jail... this is the last one!! I'm thorough!!"

"FINE!! Now if that's all let's go!"

And with that finality the overconfident Kim Anderson, arrogantly completes her preparations for the journey into the domain of the Sorceress, and in exasperation her long tormented cameraman, Don Kapres, prepares his cameras for the trek. Kim, known throughout the media world as a mediocre reporter at best, has all her life searched for that one door, that one step to justify her being as something other then a yellow journalist.

As the duo check the dimming sky and look far atop the hill at the great stone building, they set out into the darkening woods. Partially into the forest they put on night vision goggles. Through the green eeriness that now illuminates their vision they plod on to what will become a "life changing" expose`.

Farther into the woods, they trudge through swamp and tangle foot. Slowly advancing through the pitch-dark forest. Kim's grandiose mind wondering into fantasies she dreams herself on a high stage looking out into a standing room only convention center. Elegantly dressed accepting the Pulitzer for 'Outstanding Investigative Work!' The sting of a mosquito brings her back to reality.

"SSSHHHHH!!!!" Don hisses. A military veteran he knows the meaning of noise discipline. Flash back's to those field exercises that seemed almost eternal, quickly and most unwillingly erupt into his mind. Kim only looks back and Don sees her snipeish frown through the goggles. Slowly he shakes his head and motions slightly to move on.

Finally they arrive at the edge of the garden. Kim look's back at Don and points to the magnificently groomed area. Fanning both hands She signals for him to pan the whole area with the camera. Silently he comes forward and with a quick final check to the telephoto lens and points it into the shadowed realm. Doing so he moves from side to side he stops and with in confusion looks past the view finder into the dark shapes, his eyes wide and shaking, his mind in disbelief. Everywhere are statues of women an a few men. Many are in erotic poses and most seem to be surprised or in fear.

Don completes his shot, and kneels down besides Kim. He begins to open his mouth to whisper into her ear when she stands and points to a barn. Knowing he'll get nowhere with her he too stands and they slowly tiptoes down the walk.

Creeping down the walk, the duo, stop on occasion to film the strange statuary, Kim looking back at her camera man, Twirling her finger by the side of her head. Their attention is suddenly drawn to a scraping sound coming down the path. From behind the barn, they jump behind a clump of trees and tall grass, the camera filming the source of the sound.

Both reporters' eyes widen in horrific disbelief. Kim slaps Don to get the pictures. With shaking hand Don films the apparition slowly coming into the moonlight. From behind the barn a monster slithers into view, It has two armless women's upper bodys conected to a long snakelike tale. Both head's are vigilant, as they scan through the garden.

With occasional hisses heard, the hydra creature slithers past them not noticing the interlopers. Kim slowly turns facing the deepest part of the garden and catches a woman sitting on a rock by the pond. Eyes wide in disbelief and fright she jabs at Don, her other finger poking into the air. In pain Don turns the camera into the direction and catches the creature in his viewfinder. Moving into full view their hearts stop; The woman is human in head and body, but her legs arms and skin are like a bullfrog.

In unison they jump as the woman/frog thing looks intently at a rock before her. Suddenly a long thin tongue erupts from her mouth catching a large bug. Like something out of a comedic horror movie. Don slowly puts down his camera and they stare in wide empty eyed stares. The creature jumps off into the darkness a small fluttering object catches their sight. Both look on as they see a bat flying around one of the statues. Focusing farther they find the bat wings attached to a small human female form. Then in hushed tone from behind them:

"Whoever you two are you better get out of here! And get out now!!!"

Slowly they turn their heads to face each other, then slowly look behind them. As their eyes meet the face of woman behind them they go catatonic. The face wood grained, and so is the rest of it's body. Her legs are roots and her arms leafy branches that reach up into the night sky.

"Get out of here now!!! Before they find you!!!" The wooden skinned woman urgently hisses in hushed tone.

"WWHHHHoooo....Whaaat..are you?" Don manages to stutter.

"we were once like you, human, but we got caught here and this is what the Mistress did to us! So get out of here before thy find you too!!"

"WE??" Kim stammers.

The woman strains her eyes pointing with them, her roots immobile. Following the direction both Kim and Don gasp as they see another woman attached to the first. Their skin now tree bark and their arms splaying into leaf-covered limbs.

"Don't worry! We'll get you help!! We'll have the authorities here and then..."

"You don't understand!! There is no way back! Get out of here before they find you too!!"

Standing warily Kim and Don leave them. Don starts to move down the path the way they came. Kim stops him.

"Where do you think your going!?" Kim demands.

"Like the tree lady said, OUT OF HERE!!!!"

"Oh no you don't!! We're not leaving until we see what inside that barn!! Then we get the cops in here!"


"Yes, and you got a good shot of it, DIDN'T YOU?!"

Submitting Don follows Kim into the barn. Slowly she opens the door. The slight creaking causing the animals inside to stir. Slowly they enter the darkness, Don panning the camera from wall to wall. Finally they creep up on the stalls and again they freeze in panic.

Inside the stalls they see two women, but more like cows slowly moving in their slumber. Coming to the last one the peek inside. Don starts to hyperventilate as he spies the occupants, a woman who is half horse.


The creaturs wake up and scream out. Don runs full tilt from the barn and into the yard. Turning the corner to the walk he runs right into the hydra! He and his camera fall to the stone. Shaking his head Don gazes into the mesmerizing eyes and slowly wavers to the ground. Hydra's other head bites deeply into his thigh, and Don falls into unconsciousness.

Running after her cameraman, Kim trips to a stop at the sight of Don encircled in Hydra's tail. The Bat creature flutters down and into her face.

"AHHH ANOTHER ONE BOSS, BOSS WE GOT ANOTHER ONE!!!" A sharp sting to her arm and Kim quickly turns and sees Hydra go out of focus and then a warm blackness envelope around her.

As a rainbow of forms and colors slowly come into focus Kim sits up bringing her hand to her throbbing head. Drunkenly she looks into a seated form before her.

"Ahh my dear Kim. I see that you are none the worse for the wear?" The fuzzy out of focus woman starts in elegant tone.

"And who in hell are you!"

"I am the Sorceress, and from what I have seen, and been told, you got a lot of explaining to do! I see from your identification that you are an investigative reporter!"

With newfound courage Kim starts into one of her famous bluffs. "That's right lady! And from I have seen it is you who's got a lot of explaining. Those things in the yard, Are they your work!"

"Of course they are, and I see no need for your tone my dear. We are quite civilized here."

Kim's eyes widen as Bat swoops out form the window and flutters to a soft landing in the Sorceress's lap. Lovingly the elegantly beautiful woman pets her familiar and looks back at the commando-clad reporter.

"What, what is that...that..thing? Is it one of your works too?!" Kim arrogantly snorts.

"THING!! Did that bitch call me a THING!!!" Bat squaled indignantly.

"Now Bat behave." The Sorceress retorts with a chuckle. "She'll soon understand, just like all the rest."

"Understand!? Lady from what I see you're looking at a long time in either prison or nut ward!"

"Oh my dear young one, that's not what I see at all. I see that Hydra needs help in duties!" The sorceress says in irritation: " And since you so easily discovered a way into my home. It is only appropriate that you my dear Kimmy will be the one who will assist her."

Realization slams into Kim. For the first time in her life she is confronted with person who is not afraid of her, and has control over the situation, and her. "Wha...what do you mean, I will be the one!! YOU CAN'T CHANGE ME... IT'S NOT HUMAN!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!"

Spying an opening to the door the reporter tries to bolt for the open door. But successful only in the short distance she gain's. Quickly she is stopped by Hydra who blocks the doorway. Kim stops so fast that she trips, falling onto the cold stone floor. Just as Hydra leans down to bite her, the Sorceress starts:

"Oh that won't be necessary my pet! It's much more fun watching the expressions as they change. Don't you think?"

As Kim groggily re-orients herself to the surroundings. Hydra and Bat quickly pounce on her, stripping her clothes from her body. In short time she's naked on the floor. Through pleading and fearful tear's she pleads. "PLEASE DON'T...PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! I WON'T TELL! NO ONE WILL KNOW! I'LL DESTROY THE TAPES AND,AND....EVERYTHING!!!"

Ohhh, shush my precious! You'll love your new life. You and Hydra make such a lovely couple. And besides I'm only gong to bring your true attributes out!!"

Chuckling nefariously the sorceress looks deeply at the young woman. " Ahh...yes. That's It! Your true nature!"

Moving a finger in the air, the Sorceress, like an artist with brush to canvas pokes and sweeps at the air. Hydra and Bat chuckling evilly as they watch the transformation commence.

Through red tear-stained eyes Kim watches the movement, her sight shifting to her stomach. Gingerly she touches her flesh as a sight of movement slowly begins. Promptly the feelings become visible as one then two, three...and finally a fourth welts sprout under the skin, pushing the flesh outward like fingers in plastic wrap.

Kim leans backward onto her hands as the movements develop into fleashy tubular growths. Her eyes widen in horrific shock as they grow longer. They grow and form a joint and then grow again. Finally the growth stops and she gingerly touches her new set of legs, just like her old ones. Then slowly her fears melt into nothingness. And a dark cruelty began to dominate her, the dark cruelty that formed her true nature. The emotions of arrogant dominance, the soul she hid in order to keep herself somewhat accepted by humanity slowly ascends.

Lust begins to form in her eyes as she caressed the hard appendages. A loud crack from her hips forcers her to roll forward. She stands on her new legs in sexual orgasm as she grasps at the stone. Kim let's out with a loud ecstatic squeal comes from her mouth as her buttocks melt together and then stretch out into a spiders body.

Finally Kim wobbly stands on her six legs spread like a spider's. Her arms making it eight. The then Sorceress walks into her view. Her wicked smile affirming the events. As she cups Kim's face she seductively whispers. "Only a few more things." Then plants her lips on Kim's. Kim embraces her Mistress and they both probe each other's mouths with eager tongues. Kim hugs the sorceress tighter as another wave of ecstasy rushes over her. Two points of pressure behind her jaw pushes out two hard fangs into Kim's mouth.

After this the sorceress steps back at arm's length and proudly announces: "Welcome... ARACHNIE! You are now in my service!"

Arachnie slowly moves around, adjusting to her new appendages. Kim discovers that she can see through the darkness outside, and has six more views of the world around her. Gingerly she probes her mouth and explores her new fang's. In short time she discovers that like a real spider she can walk up walls.

"Now Arachnie!" The Sorceress scolds, "Get down here this instant! Hydra will show you around."

With malicious giggles Arachnie fastens a thread of spider silk and slowly drops to the floor. A final hug and Arachnie scampers after Hydra. To no one in particular the Sorceress Announces: "Now for your friend."

As the Sorceress slowly walks to her bedchamber she ponders her next victim.

"Ah...decisions, decisions. You know bat, I do miss Naga!"

"Don't worry boss! Our agents will locate that deserter soon. It won't be long before we find her and drag her back!"

"That's then, but for now...Oh well. Even with Arachnie's arrival, and Hydra occupied with our security I will just have to make another."

"Another Naga Boss?? No disrespect...but could you be a little more creative this time???"

"How do you mean!" The Sorceress focuses on Bat, her eye's beginning to show anger.

"NO DISRESPECT BOSS...MISTRESS...But why not let your creative juices flow??" Bat stammers.

Looking to the ceiling her eyes quickly shift from anger to pensive curiosity. " could be right my pet. I have been a little on the mundane since Naga left. Yes...yes I will use my imagination this time. Thank you bat!!"

Finally they arrive at the chamber. Don is stone still. Horrific fear etched over his face.

"So my dear Don, I am sorry that I have kept you waiting so long. But your former... boss has turned out to be rather unique! But now you have all my attention!"

"Wha...what do you mean?? How did those things come to be??? Pointing to bat, "What is that thing there? What did you do to Kim?? What do you think your going to do to me!!??"

"THING!!!!!" Bat erupts in anger. "THING... I'M NO THING!! I'll show you what a thing is!!" And Bat starts to fly to Don, vehement anger dominating her.

"Now Bat, behave!" The Sorceress giggles, grabbing her familiar in mid air. "He's just not in the swing of it yet."


"You must forgive Bat, Don. She's would you say...Has the run of the place! But you'll soon learn my precious. You'll soon understand everything!"

With a devilish grin the Sorceress looks at Don. Eyeing him from head to toe. With one arm across her chest and the other under her chin she walks the short distance and circles her next project. Giggling wickedly Bat flutters to a windowsill. a small Harpy is obediently perched in the open window also. Seductively the sorceress begins to unbuckle Don's pants and with a razor sharp fingernail cuts the elastic band on his underwear.

" You won't be needing these anymore my love." The Sorceress coos mischievously.

Don then feels himself being dragged across the bed as the Harpy grabs his shoulders and harshly pulls him backward, Bat pulling off his clothing and shoes. Fealdspar's face slowly comes into his view as Don endeavors to get free from Harpy's grasp. Dread gripping him to speechlessness.

Don frantically looks at the maniacal woman as she sits besides him. Enticingly she slides her hands under his shirt and like a baker slowly kneads the skin of his chest. At first he only feels the warm hands of the Sorceress. Then slowly he feels his flesh grow as she molds the muscle. Soon the feeling grows into two very large, but very sensitive female breasts. Don's eyes flash to the rising bulges in his shirt, reluctantly succumbing to the slowly growing orgasm that is welling up inside him.

Satisfied the Sorceress slowly moves down his body. Leaving the large orbs straining at the fabric of his t-shirt. Slowly Don arches his back as the sorceress' hands shift down his body. His waist narrowing and his stomach growing taught, the muscles reforming for another function to come.

Don gives out with a moan and discovers his voice now shriller. The shifting man looks at Harpy as she gives an impression abject obedience. Then he feels another shift as the Sorceress moves to his waist. Don grinds his hips into the bed as they reshape wider feminine form. His orgasm rises as a growing pressure begins inside his lower stomach, the feeling of new organs overwhelming him. Then sudden release as his new Mistress slowly pulls his penis out of his body, leaving behind a tight woman's sex.

Gasping from the orgasm Don slowly opens her eyes and finds Fealdspar looming over her face, dangling a penis and scrotum from her fingers. Nonchalantly she hands it over her shoulder and bat flys up giggling. Taking the prize from her mistress she almost falls from he air with extra weight.

"What do you want me to do with it boss??"

"Just hang it with the others!" She calls as Bat flies from the bedchamber, maniacal giggling slowly fading into the hallway distance.

As Don breathes heavily from the orgasm her pleading eyes cannot shift from the Mistress, that ever-roguish smile never leaving her face. Again soft hands gently caress Don's body. This time Epicurean pressure forms as he feels his face and head reforming, a soft puddle growing around her reshaping head, her hair growing longer by the moment.

The Sorceress gets up motioning for Harpy to move aside. Obediently she shifts to the side, her wings flapping at the air. Stepping back The Sorceress steps back and looks at her new acquisition.

"HMMPH...HMMMM...Ahh yes now for just a few more changes!"

Fealdspar slowly puts her hands in front of her then in a pulling motion slowly brings them back to her body. Don's eyes widen again as an unusual feeling forms around his legs. Still groggy from the orgasm she moves her hands to her waist and feels her skin slowly shifting, melting and growing rougher. Her hands eventually find the proof of her new sex, and something else, like her legs are melting together, and then growing longer.

Gaining her senses Don feels her body growing longer, and then it stops. Slowly she sits up and feels her two large female breasts straining against the now overly tight shirt. Her eyes follow her new form and then bulge. Where her waist is, a new body begins. Slowly touching herself Don feels the smooth skin of a human woman, and the gradual texture of the snake.

Frowning at her creation the Sorceress snorts: "Something else!! Yes my pet; I know just the thing!"

With a slight motion to Harpy she makes her wishes known. Slowly the winged creature comes into view and looks at Don. The blindly obedient stare never leaving her face. Don feels a tug on the shirt her new breasts falling free. Looking down on her chest she watches as the new DD sized fleshy orbs bounce against her body.

The Sorceress again puts her arms in front of her, motioning like opening a set of drapes. A rumbling under Don's shoulders slowly grows. She feels something growing out. Don looks into a full-mirrored wall and watches as two fleshy tubes grow out from under her shoulders. Taking the form of arms, then hands, and finally the appearance of long nailed fingers. And from under her breasts grow another set only slightly smaller than the one on top, leaveing her with four arms and four breasts.

"Now that's more like it!" The Sorceress proudly announces. She slowly approached Don as she moved her new limbs. The soft ruffle of the Sorceress' robe leaving her body draws her attention back.

"Now...Nagina...welcome to my world!"

Nagina feels the woman's body slowly move on top of hers, the Mistresses legs wrapping around her snakish form. Slowly Feldspar slides her body over her new toy and wraps her arms around Nagina's human chest. Following suite Nagina wraps her four arms caressing and rubbing her mistress. Slowly Don comes to understand and releases his old self. Only one life long desire came to him, to please his Mistress.

AS the weeks passed Arachnie and Nagina grew into acceptance of what they had become. With their past record at the station their resignations where not even questioned, only a sigh of relief as their files where closed. Nagina proved a very skillful lover and entertainer. And Arachnie, she and Hydra became a very formidable security force for the Sorceress. But as we all know the Sorceress does not take disgrace well, and the search for Naga goes on, and the punishment grows ever unique.

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