AH'ZZ K'N'Tara

The idea behind the experimental creation of the AH'ZZ K'N'Tara was to achieve two goals at once: to create a harder working Community Servant caste and to prevent the growing problem of changed K'N'Tara breaking their programming. When scientists were ready and a new planet had been conquered, a portion of the population was transformed into AH'ZZ K'N'Tara.

All early studies showed the project to be a complete success. Plans for further testing were expanded and more AH'ZZ K'N'Tara were created in several parts of the galaxy. It was then that the problems began. For some unknown reason, the mental programming of the AH'ZZ K'N'Tara became unstable after several months and a high percentage of Changed regained their former minds. This was unacceptable. Eventually most were caught and terminated. The project was also set to be terminated. But follow-up studies showed that once this period of instability ended, programming became set and permanent. Even deliberate attempts by researchers to break it failed. Any AH'ZZ K'N'Tara who made it past the first year or two was loyal for life. With the promise of creating workers who could never revert, the experiment was given another chance.

Currently the project has been put on the back burner while scientists try to correct the problems. Occasionally if a suitable target is found like a small out-of-the-way colony somewhere, the unfortunate inhabitants may be changed into AH'ZZ K'N'Tara for research purposes.

Physically AH'ZZ K'N'Tara closely resemble normal K'N'Tara females. To easily identify them, AH'ZZ K'N'Tara were designed to have longer ears and a different tail design with long hair only on the end. A portion of them also have sizeable buck teeth although this isn't standard and wasn't even specifically designed. AH'ZZ K'N'Tara are usually very healthy and fit with high endurance. They do share the same susceptibility to alcohol when exposed to it, but they don't become violent when intoxicated. Instead they become friendly silly clumsy drunks, which at times can be worse.

Mentally an AH'ZZ K'N'Tara is about 80% to 90% as intelligent as she was before the change. Researchers didn't want to create a race of morons, but they did want to induce some limits to mental capacity. More importantly, the inventive and creative abilities of the brain have been seriously inhibited. An AH'ZZ K'N'Tara is just not clever and can't be. They can understand and follow instructions, even reasonably detailed instructions, but if a problem arises that wasn't covered, they are often stymied. A cook could follow a recipe, but must stick to it. If a typo says a pound of salt instead of a pinch of salt, she'll probably make a very salty meal. Thinking "outside the box" is impossible for them, just as it was intended to be.

All AH'ZZ K'N'Tara are part of the Community Servant caste. Breeding with one is not prohibited, but the result is always a sterile male AH'ZZ K'N'Tara. As this isn't the kind of son any male wants, crossbreeding does not happen much.

Any newly created AH'ZZ K'N'Tara are monitored very closely for the first year and any breaking free from their programming will be quickly detected. But like other Changed, a small number do escape or are rescued by the Resistance. The Resistance tries to infiltrate areas where new AH'ZZ K'N'Tara are created to spy on the progress made. Scientists from other races are also trying to "reverse engineer" AH'ZZ K'N'Tara and understand their design. The idea of the Empire being able to create permanently loyal victims fills many with dread.

Free Changed:

AH'ZZ K'N'Tara are rare. Free AH'ZZ K'N'Tara are very rare. Most can be found with resistance groups, though a few may somehow make their way into space. They are freely accepted by other Changed, as they are all victims of the Empire. However, even when an AH'ZZ K'N'Tara breaks her programming, the mental restrictions built into her still remain. This is hardest on former inventive types like authors, artists and researchers. They know they were creative, but that creativity is gone now.

By Regal

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