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A while back someone purchased a magic item from the Sorceress. (Bat's been selling them on Ebay) The new owner threw a big rubber bondage party and invited all her friends, and anyone else she could convince to show up. These two neighbors complained about the noise. Now they're sitting in the guest room.

This gal was enjoying the party a little too much. She took some thing a little stronger that just liquor and passed out. She'll be rather surprised when she wakes up.

Its too late to have doubts now.

The Hostess of this little party after she tried out the Brush on herself a little.

These two are haveing some fun.

Dancing around with no cares in the world.

After a full coating of rubber she's just hanging out in the corner waiting for someone to play with her.

Where there's a will there's a way.

Never run with knives! Itís not as bad as it looks, the areas on her body that were painted are pure magical rubber and so the cuts can't harm her, and with the Brush she can be reassembled easily. Of course the way she is now could be fun too!

Someone's found a new use for the brush.

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