Rubber Brush

This is an item the Sorceress made a while back while dabbling with a way to store unwanted guests. The object looks like a normal brush with a rubbery handle whose bristles seem constantly wet with liquid rubber. The Brush creates its own supply of magical latex which can be brushed on to any part of a person. The latex can change the body upon which it is painted making it into solid inanimate but living rubber, or making it into pure air leaving the victim a living inflated doll, as well as leaving it as normal flesh underneath, or any mix there of. A side effect of this magic is that separate body parts can be reshaped into new forms or brushed away completely. A person could brush their legs into those of a satyr, or add a rubber coated tail, or in fact could have a part removed completely with only a patch of rubber to show where it had once been.

Whatever changes are performed onto a person with this Brush will last until the rubber is peeled away, but only the person holding the brush can peel the latex away. A person so coated canít peel their own latex off without holding the brush, and a person totally made of rubber couldnít even do that.

Suits can also be made with this Brush. A human who slides on a naga suit would have their legs meld into a tail and as they slid their arms into the shoulders would feel them disappear too.


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