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Red Shirt
As shocking a getting turned into a female centaur was, Ensign Trevor Fredrickson was even more surprised to have actually survived the trip down to the planet with the rest of the bridge crew.
Lacey Pillow
Lacey's lover always commented on how her breasts were so "soft and pillowy". A few spells later and it was even more true.

Story By Noah Body

Krank Heads
The things people will do to fit into their old jeans.
Jim and Ben
Have you ever been walking around with a friend minding your own business only to suddenly turn into a hot girl for no apparent reason? Jim and Ben have. Now if they can only figure out why.
Nice Ass
The curse of pleasure island lives on!
Artist and Writer
Anne was happy when she could meet the writer and artist of one of her favorite comics. But after a good natured joke was played on her she decided they were a couple of fun guys.

Writen by a shroom, Drawn by a shroom.

Goblin Shark
Goblins have mermaids too!
Bounce and Jiggle
When Ben & Jim inexplicably and instantaneously turned into women, they thought their lives were over. But on the way home, they discovered that along with their new bodies came superpowers! Now, Ben has the ability to control gravity and Jim as super speed!

Soon, they made their debut as Gravity Girl and the Sprinter. However, a young newspaper reporter upon seeing them immediately dubbed them "Bounce and Jiggle"...

Now, they struggle through their new lives, new powers, and embarrassing names to fight for Truth and Justice!

... But not very well...

Story By Noah Body

See engine, smash engine.
Goo Girls
Let this be a warning to all when a magical sorority puts you new pledges in charge of making the Strawberry Gelatin Shots

Story By Noah Body

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