Invasion of The K'N'tara

Mankind has been looking towards the stars, wondering what lies beyond them. But only in dreams and the stories of science fiction writers was a response received.

That response came in the form of "meteorites" being sent to Earth. Meteorites that did not burn up in the atmosphere. Meteorites that were actually the first salvo by the K'N'Tara in the conquest of Earth.

The Invasion Continues...
Bobbie Jo Watson

Bobbie Jo had known Johnny Ray for all of her nineteen years of her life. Even though he was a few years older, they had always been good friends -- but nothing more. When she saw the meteor hit near his house, she hoped was okay, but knew he could take care of himself.

Then the first week passed.

And the second.

When it was three weeks and no one had seen hide nor hair of Johnny Ray. Against the advice of her parents, Bobbie Jo went over to his house, just to make sure he was okay.

And then she did see hair... and hide... of Johnnie Ray.

Sam Watson

Tara Watson

Sam and Tara Watson never really liked that Hopper boy. He was always weird, taking care of the farm his dead parents left him (God rest their souls). So it never really mattered that much when the meteor struck near his house. Bobbie Jo seemed to get worked up about it, but it wasn't really their problem was it?

But when Bobbie Joe didn't come back home after going to his house, they got concerned. Sam loaded up his shotgun and the two of them went over to the Hopper house. And what do they see over there? Bobbie Jo, walking around without her top, like some cheap floozie! Tara was about ready to tan her hide, when Bobbie Jo walked out from around the barn, showing that she had a lot more hide than she use to. Sam dropped his rifle, but Bobbie Jo didn't drop hers. She raised her own weapon, firing a beam at her parents.

And the Watsons didn't think the Hopper boy was that strange anymore...

Sergeant Nate Fillion

When Nate joined the Marines, the Russians were the great threat. Then it was the terrorists. But Sergeant Nate Fillion had never expected to have his military base overrun by a bunch of naked horsewomen, much less for them to have caught his Marines as flatfooted as they did!

When one of them threw that grenade, though, his instincts and training took over. Jumping on it, he tried to smother it with his body. It worked, but worked too well as he absorbed all of the transformative radiation into his own body.

The Sarge has never felt as good... as strong... or as vibrant as she does now. Picking up one of the fallen weapons, she assisted with the conquest of the base. And then the world.

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