Invasion of The K'N'tara

Mankind has been looking towards the stars, wondering what lies beyond them. But only in dreams and the stories of science fiction writers was a response received.

That response came in the form of "meteorites" being sent to Earth. Meteorites that did not burn up in the atmosphere. Meteorites that were actually the first salvo by the K'N'Tara in the conquest of Earth.

The Invasion Begins...
Johnny Ray Hopper
June 2004, Montana. A meteorite crashed into the home of Johnny Ray Hopper. His curiosity overriding his common sense, Johnny Ray looked into the crater. If it were only a real meteorite, he may have just walked away on his own two legs. Instead, the reprogramming complete, she trotted away with the weapons contained within to start the conversion of humanity.
Rapid Extraterrestrial Investigation Team
SSgt. William Derring
A soldier's solider, Sergeant William Derring was drafted into the REIT after his training in the Special Forces and Anti-Terrorism. The "Point Man"' for his three man team, he was rapidly ambushed by Johnnie Ray Hopper, transforming and becoming the newest servant of the K'N'Tara.
Lieutenant Samantha Ivanova
To this day, Samantha doesn't know if Johnnie Ray got the drop on her or if she let herself be caught. But her transformation allowed her to fulfill a lifelong fantasy.
Captain Johann Fordstark
It took two weeks before they hunted him down. Two weeks as he was herded around and around. He knew they were planning something, but didn't understand why he wasn't transformed immediately. Sure, he was always hard on his subordinates, but it was for their own good? Yeah, he had to twist reports around to make him look good at the expense of the other team members, but that was part of the game? But then they cornered him, the centauresses holding their weapons on him. Suddenly, it all made sense.
The Invasion Continues...
A resident of a nearby commune, Sunflower was kickin' back, enjoyin' the 'shrooms, when a creature out of fantasy came up and shot her with this funky beam, causin' her to grow two more legs. What a trip, eh?
Stanley Dunsen

Veronica Dunsen

After their five year engagement, Stanley and Veronica were finally married and able to take their dream honeymoon, camping out in the middle of Montana. It was such a romantic night, the full moon in the sky, the campfire blazing. Stanley and Veronica began to start snuggling, when the leaves rustled nearby. Suddenly, a beam shot out, forever changing the plans they had for the rest of their lives.

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