The Sorceress' Garden

The Garden, the Sorceress' Home and prison, as is it the prison for so many others who have found their way in. In here are dozens of souls, all changes some more than others. Many enjoy their new lives, many others do not, but few get a choice.
The Sorceress
The person who made the Garden and most of its many inhabitants.

The History of the Garden
How it came to be and how you might find it.

Hydra Vs Bat
Two of the Sorceress' favorite pets, but there's only enough room for one, who will win?

Fans of the Sorceress
Even the most insane of Magic users need to feel loved, and these are a few of the ones that love the Sorceress, and the forms that they now have in her service.

Stories of the Garden
Read all about the adventures of the inhabitants of the garden.

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