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Sara and the Change Stone
After a long search Sara finally found the mythical Change Stone. What powers does it have, what uses for it will she find, and will it have any unforeseen consequences?
Sara the Satyr
With anticipation Sara rubbed the Change Stone. How would it work, how would it change her, could she control it?

The Stone began to glow, the hairs on her legs stood on end, she felt a pressure on the sides of her head and she felt she had to stand on the tips of her toes.

As she looked down at how the Stone had reshaped her. She smiled.

Sara the Harpy
Sara was learning how the Change Stone worked. It wasn't easy to control. Though it would listen to the wishes of its holder it seemed to have a mind of its own and liked to make its own changes. It not only remolded flesh but clothing and hair as well. With each use of the Stone the changes were harder to predict.

However, Sara would worry about that later, right now all she wanted to do was to fly!

Peonie Galloping
Princess Peonie looked upon the centaur tribe with envy. Sure, they had their own responsibilities, but they weren't as bound to outmoded rules and regulatons as she was. They were so much more free in spirit and body than she was. So,when the alliance pact with the centaurs needed ratification,she made sure to secret a special addendum in there.

See more of Of Princess Peonie at:

Story by Noah Body

Sammi the Squirrel
While wandering around in the woods looking for something to draw this artist got to see the world from a new angle.

Photo By T-Chall

Sailor Rumble
As if Cusred springes weren't enough.

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Troll Triplets
Out on the town!
Setsuna and Konoka
Body guarding a person might just be easier this way. Or maybe not.
Beware of strange two headed trinkets
To make up for one of his many missteps Keitaro bought Naru a nice trinket from a odd shop in town. However like most of his plans it doesn't go the way he expected.
Bravis Attacks
The heavy footfalls of armored soles against deckplate rang hollowly down the corridor, the dim illumination of flickering hazard lights glinting off polished red armor. She was on the hunt now, slinking along the pipes and ductwork of the derelict. The Terminator's bulk left little room to maneuver, much less pass the massive figure - but to escape the hulk, that's just what Bravis would have to do. Even if she had to tear him apart to do it.


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