Going to the Dogs

By Lurking Tentacle

"Man, I was so on a streak," Bat pouted. All week she'd been tormenting Hydra. First there was the itching spell. She'd almost been caught collecting the components from Hydra's den, but she'd gotten away with it. Then there was hiding Hydra's favorite statues, turning her goldfish to gold, and spiking her tea with that potion. The potion had been so great, Bat couldn't even think about what had happened without breaking into uncontrollable laughter. And the bag Hydra had been forced to wear over one of her heads; she'd never forget that as long as she lived. To add insult to injury, she'd been caught the next day, but Hydra had been so mad at her she bit her own tail by mistake and turned herself to stone. Bat thought she'd be even more enraged after spending a few days as a part of her own collection, but she didn't seem like it, and that worried her even more. Especially now, as her luck had finally run out.

"Oh you're going to get it you little flying rat," Hydra said, but she was smiling, not frothing with anger like Bat had expected.

"Do I really need it?" Bat laughed nervously. She could tell this was going to be bad.

"Oh yesss," Hydra assured her as she weaved her way around the back of the mansion. "I had plenty of time to think, thanksss to you."

"They say taking time to stop and reflect is good for your mental health," Bat said, holding up a long finger. For her insight, she was thwapped against a passing branch. As Bat moaned, her head spinning, Hydra playfully nipped her on the leg. The venom spread through her as she began to change. Her wings stood straight out to the sides. They shortened, thickening and growing into more of a caricature of themselves. Bat's body began to turn a reddish color. Soon taking on a rubbery feel, it became translucent. Bat blinked, unable to move. "What's this suppose to... oh no," Bat thought, hoping that wasn't what Hydra was planning.

Hiding Bat behind her back, Hydra came out behind the main house. Chained up there was the odd canine creature known affectionately as Bitch. Cerberus' cuter sisters were lying down near their doghouse. The brunette was snoring loudly, obviously angering the one with the red hair and eye patch. Of course, Patch was usually in foul mood, so it wasn't really a unique situation. The blonde seemed to be pouring over a large, tattered piece of paper.

Upon noticing Hydra's approach, the blonde quickly slapped a large paw over her paper and slid it under their body. She smiled nervously at Hydra.

"Working on a new essscape plan?" The snake woman chuckled.

The blonde visibly paled, but her smile remained unchanged.

"What the hell do you want?" Patch demanded. At her loud comment, the brunette stopped snoring and blinked slowly awake with a lengthy yawn.

"Now now, is that any way to talk to someone who comes bearing giftsss?" Hydra chided.

"Hydra!" The brunette in the middle said excitedly. She liked the two-headed girl. She was a little like them, but she was pretty sure she wasn't actually two people. It didn't really matter to her though, because Hydra always brought them nice things. "For us? Really?" She said, her face lighting up.

"We don't want any of your stupid presents," Patch told her.

"But-" The brunette began.

"Will you just shut up!" Patch barked at her partner.

The brunette shrunk back from the redhead, whimpering.

"I don't think-" The blonde tried to interject.

"No, don't think. You can just keep those thoughts of yours to yourself. Save me a headache," Patch grumbled testily.

The blonde looked rather insulted and turned her nose up at her.

"Ahem," Hydra said to regain their attention, getting slightly annoyed, "Thisss is a very special gift. I know you'll like it."

"Fat chance," The redhead muttered.

With a smile, Hydra dangled the transformed Bat in front of them.

"Ah damn," Bat thought to herself. "Hydra's gonna pay for this."

"Well now," Patch grinned at the new chew toy, "I guess I was wrong."

"Maybe I shouldn't have tested that itching spell on Bitch first," Bat thought uneasily.

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