Silky Treasure

By Lurking Tentacle

"I swear, I've never seen that potion before in my life!" Bat lied effortlessly. "And I have no idea how it almost got into your coffee."

"Like I haven't heard that one before. Are you running out of lame excusesss?" Hydra asked the tiny familiar, holding her quite securely in her coils. Delicately, she nipped the bat's wing. The magical venom began to work as Hydra slithered in the direction of the manor.

"I'm going to get you for this," Bat declared as she became numb. The trailing end of her wings and sides of her legs grew tattered extensions. They whitened, taking on a regular pattern. "What the?" Bat muttered, examining her new frilly edges.

"Just wait, it getsss better," Hydra remarked with a chuckle.

Bat's wings stretched backwards. Her legs bent back as well as they began to fuse together and started to transform. Wings and legs met behind her, flattening out as they connected. Lacy patterns traced across her skin as most of it turned black. "Oh crap," Bat said sourly, "I'm panties."

Hydra held her up for inspection as Bat glared back at her. Quite pleased with her work, she smiled at the sexy black panties with their contrasting white filled edges.

"Ok! So I'm a muff holster!" Bat scoffed. "What are YOU gonna do Smart ass? Put me on your head?" She laughed sarcastically.

"You there!" Hydra called to a member of the staff walking by.

Obviously frightened of her, the maid smiled weakly. "Y-yes?" She asked.

"Take your panties off," Hydra commanded.

All of Bat's smugness died off rather quickly.

"W-what?" She said, a blush challenging her fearful expression. Not wanting to anger Hydra, who had quite the reputation among the staff, she quickly hiked up her dress and removed them. She then stood there uneasily, twisting her panties in her hands nervously.

"Put thessse on," Hydra insisted, offering Bat to her.

Not wanting to disappoint, she gingerly took the transformed batgirl and hiked up her uniform again. Spreading Bat open, she stepped into her.

Bat clenched her eyes shut at the sensation of the maid's legs sliding against her. She was pulled up all the way, until she was fitted snugly. She could feel the warmth from the lips behind her as she hugged the girl's sex against her will.

"Wear her as much as posssible," Hydra smiled.

"Her?" Thought the girl. She hadn't really looked all that closely at them while putting them on. As Hydra slithered away, she pulled up her dress again. When she saw Bat's unamused figure imposed there, she quickly put it back down with a deep blush. A tail snaked under her chin, raising her view to meet the deepest green eyes she'd ever gazed into. They seemed to pull her in as she stared at the jade orbs.

"Remember," Hydra said slowly, "Panties do not talk. You do not hear anything."

The girl repeated the command in a monotone voice.

Satisfied, Hydra began to slither away, her tail tracing to the end of the girl's chin before finally breaking contact.

The girl watched the guardian disappear back into the garden. Her mind returned to her duties and she quickly made her way back to where she'd been headed. She walked stiffly as she thought about how her panties rubbed against her when she moved. A stream of complaints came from under her dress, but they fell on deaf ears.

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