By Lurking Tentacle

Hydra dangled Bat over the patch of watermelons. They were very special melons. Each one was a girl, lacking arms and legs, with the texture of the fruit.

Hydra dipped Bat lower and several vines swiped up at her.

"Let's not be hasty now!" She said nervously. As a vine came close to her, Hydra lifted her slightly out of reach. "Come on, you don't really want to do this," She said, hiding her nervousness.

"Oh but I do," Hydra said.

"The dye will wash out eventually, I swear!" Bat tried to assure her.

"Eventually doesssn't help you, now does it?" A bright pink Hydra mused, finally tossing Bat to the vines.

She spread her wings to try to escape, but a vine jumped directly into her bellybutton. It began to seal itself on, becoming a part of her. Disoriented, she fell to the ground amidst the many melons. Climbing to her hands and knees, she moaned as the vine began to pump her full of it's magic. "You two headed twit" She spat at the snake woman as she lost what little fur she had and started to turn green. She panted heavily as the change swept through her. Her wings and legs disappeared into her body as she rolled onto her back. Her figure filled out slightly, becoming a little fuller. Finally, she fully took on the mottled texture of a watermelon, a new victim of the melon patch. She lay helpless on the ground staring up at Hydra.

"You really make a pathetic melon," Hydra said. "Ssso tiny and insignificant compared to the others," She thumped one of the others with her tail. It created a resounding hollow sound, like a ripe melon should, and the poor girl winced in pleasure. She let her tail slowly slide across the fruit as she slithered off chuckling to herself, teasing the girl a bit more.

Bat stewed in her rage for a moment until she noticed a former satyr grinning at her smugly from her place nearby. Bat wanted to bite out an angry, "What are YOU looking at?" But alas, she was only a watermelon. To her great annoyance, she was forced to settle for an irate scowl.

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