Go Fly A...Bat?


"Hey!" Bat shouted, as she struggled to get loose of Hydra's coils. "What's this all about? I didn't do anything to you." She paused for a second to check her memory, then added, "Not lately, anyway."

"I know," Hydra's left head replied.

"I'm just bored," the right head finished.

"Bored?" Bat repeated. She wondered why her captor was carrying her down the stairs to the basement, but decided not to ask just yet. Maybe there was a chance to still distract her. "So, why don't you leave me alone and go pick on the satyrs?"

"No satyrs around," Right answered.

"Mistress has been especially cruel to them lately," Left explained.

"Satyrs are afraid."

"So, I had to find another way to entertain myself."

Bat's head moved back and forth, trying to follow Hydra's comments. God, I hate it when she does that, she thought, getting nervous as Hydra slithered over to the old-fashioned washing machine that the maids use to wash the Sorceress's laundry. "What..." she stammered. "What are you going to do?"

"Have fun," the two heads said in unison.

As she continued to struggle, Hydra used her tails to spread Bat's wings out to their full length. Both heads looked her over carefully while she glared back at them. After a few moments of consideration, the heads turned to each other and shared a nod. Then, the right head turned and spit a wad of venom onto the rollers of the wringer that topped the washing machine.

"Eww!" Bat let out. "That's attractive!"

Hydra ignored her, turning instead to look at the maid that had been standing quietly in the corner, hoping not to be seen. "Come here, dear," she stated.

With a noticeable gulp, the young woman came forward. She knew better than to refuse an order from the Sorceress or one of her lieutenants. After all, the laundry maid before her was still hanging in the upstairs bathroom as a decorative towel. She had no desired to join her as a toilet brush...or something worse. So, in less than a second, she stood before the two-headed creature, awaiting orders.

Without a word, Hydra put the tip of Bat's left wing between the rollers. Her right head nodded down at the hand-crank on the side of the wringer. "Turn," she commanded.

The frightened maid took just a second to look down into the angry face of the captured Bat. She could tell from the look that she got in return that when this was all over, the helpless creature would be back to make her pay for what she was about to do. However, right now, Hydra was the more dangerous threat. And who knew? Maybe something would happen and Bat wouldn't be able to return. So, without hesitation, she took hold of the handle and begin to turn it.

Instantly, Bat's wing was pulled through the turning rollers. "Hey!" she shouted. "That hurts."

"Only for a second," Hydra smiled. With her captive's wing firmly caught in the wringer, she no longer had to hold it out. Releasing it, keeping a tight grip on its right twin so that Bat would remain in a stretched-out position, the left head looked over the top of the rollers. She smiled at the sight of the wing-tip coming limply through the other side. It had been pressed completely flat. "Perfect," she said with a fang-revealing grin.

As the maid continued to crank the handle, the rest of the wing was quickly pulled through the rollers and flattened. "I'm gonna get you for this, Snaky!" Bat shouted up to her rival. "If it's the last thing I do, I'll..." Whatever she planned to do was lost as the rollers reached her shoulder and her body was pulled through.

Still, looking over the top of the wringer, Hydra's left head's grin grew wider. "Ooh," she breathed, turning to look back to her sister. "Even better than I'd hoped." The other head stretched for a look. Coming through the back side of the rollers, Bat's body was as flat as the wing that had preceded it. Her face was frozen in an angry expression, with her mouth still open in the act of protesting her treatment by the other creature.

It took just a few more cranks for Bat's other wing to follow the rest of her. Once completely through the rollers, she fluttered down like a discarded towel, collapsing into a heap onto the cold basement floor. Using the separate tips of her tail as hands, Hydra "clapped" excitedly, before slithering around the washer to pick up the flattened Bat, again holding her out by her wings. Unable to do anything else, Bat flapped helplessly in the slight breeze that blew through the open basement window. Her trip through the rollers had not only reduced her to a paper-thin version of herself, but had spread her body's mass out a bit, making her somewhat bigger than she normally would be.

"Very nice," Hydra's right head said.

The left nodded. "Now, I just need to get some sticks and that roll of string from the cave."

With that, she rolled the Bat placemat up into a tube and slithered out of the basement, leaving the nervous maid alone, thankful that the two-headed creature hadn't decided to "reward" her for her help. Now, I just have to wait until the other one comes back, she thought to herself, wondering if she was going to like living in the bathroom.

----- ----- -----

"I knew this would be fun," Hydra said, as she pulled on the string to compensate for a change in wind direction. "I'm so glad I thought of it."

She looked up the long string to where Bat's flattened body glided on the wind. She had used two sticks to make a frame that she had used to keep her rival in a wings-out position. Then, tying the end of the string to the frame, she was ready to play with her new kite.

"Must be careful," the left head said, as a gust of wind caused Bat to swing out of control for a second. "It would be a shame if she was to come down into a tree..."

"...or on some power lines," the other head stated, finishing the thought. "Quite a shame, indeed."

For a few seconds, Hydra seemed genuinely concerned. Then, both heads broke out into raucous laughter.

Meanwhile, up in the sky at the end of the string, the immobilized Bat glared down at her and made plans. Sooner or later, the Boss would find out about this, and she would be back to her old self shortly thereafter. Then, after she'd gone back to the basement and showed that conniving maid what it felt like to be fed through the wringer, it would be her turn to play. And she had just the thing to make that two-headed bitch wished she'd never messed with her.

To Be Continued...

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