Double Whammy

By Lurking Tentacle

"Come on," Bat snickered quietly to herself. She was watching Hydra slink her way through the bushes.

The two-headed snake woman seemed to sense something was amiss. Her approach slowed, her tongues flicking out to test the air. She gazed back and forth suspiciously.

"Oh close enough," Bat said, getting too impatient. With her foot, she yanked on a piece of twine. A large black sheet fell from the trees, covering Hydra. Dropping off her hidden perch, Bat flapped once to right herself and again to land on top of one of the covered heads of her victim. While Hydra thrashed and hissed angrily, Bat got a good grip on the black material. "And with the magic words!" She said with triumphant showmanship. There was a puff of smoke as Bat pulled the cloth up into the air. She let it fall next to the tree she landed on, hanging upside down. "Ok so I lied, there aren't any magic words," Bat laughed with a shrug.

Sitting with a bewildered look, staring at each other, were a couple of identical, familiar looking redheaded Satyrs. "BAT!" They both shouted angrily in unison.

Bat cackled loudly, stamping her foot up against the branch she was hanging from. She made an impressive amount of noise for such a tiny creature.

Both Satyrs scrambled to their hooves, or at least tried to. One grabbed desperately to a low hanging branch. While the other, her arms spinning wildly, simply fell flat on her face. It caused Bat to howl even louder at their predicament. The one still standing straightened up shakily, taking a few short steps. "You little rodent! You're going to make a nice-"

"Hey, get me up!" The one on the ground demanded, grabbing one of her twin's outstretched hands. Unfortunately, she'd had them out for balance. She toppled over onto her, landing face down between her new hoofed legs. "Ooh," She gasped sensually, a blush blossoming on her face. This new body seemed to be ready to go at it with barely a moment's notice. Her clouded look of pleasure shattered back into anger as Bat's laughter raised another notch. "Blast it!" She swore.

Pushing herself up, and licking her lips slightly for some reason, the other one looked up at her double with the same expression. "Forget magic, I'm just going to skin her!" She shouted wrathfully.

The both of them looked up at the branch where Bat was enjoying the show from. Getting up, a little slower this time. They circled around beneath it.

"Oh no!" Bat said in mock fear, "A couple of angry goats! Good thing they can't climb trees."

"Her ratty pelt isn't good for anything," One said, her tail flicking back and forth rapidly in irritation.

"You're right, we should just grind her into dog food for Bitch," The other Hydra suggested. "Come on," She gestured, cupping her hands together.

Getting the hint, the other Satyr put a hoof on the brace and took an assisted leap up at the offending creature.

"Oops, time to go!" Bat chuckled, flitting away from Hydra's grasp.

Missing her prey, Hydra fell right back down onto her other self, landing in a tangle of limbs. "Drat!" One of them complained as she found herself stuck between the other's thighs once again.

"Have fun suckers!" Bat called back to them.

"When I catch you I'm going to staple you to a tree and see how long it takes you to die!" Hydra screamed after her.

Bat's laughter echoed through the trees.

Resisting the urge to start an erotic game of twister, Hydra picked both her selves up.

"Great, so what do we do?" The one on the right asked.

"We could have sex," The other answered.

"Yeah," The first one agreed.

They both nodded thoughtfully for a moment, then growled, fighting their new Satyr instincts. Clenching their hands tightly in rage, they took off after Bat.

"She's heading for the house," Hydra said to herself.

"Right," She agreed.

Coming to a path, they both started off in opposite directions.

"Where are you going?" She said.

"It's quicker to cut through the rose garden," She answered herself.

Seeing her own point, they left together. This was giving her a headache.


Bat flew towards the manor, purposely taking her time. If she was right, any second now...

Hydra jumped out of the bushes, swiping at the evil little familiar. One grabbed at her, while the other took a swing with a hefty tree branch. "Die you airborne vermin!" Cried the one with the branch.

Dodging both of them, Bat swooped towards the nearby mansion. "Too slow! Wanna try for three?" She laughed at them. Now far past mere fury, the two Satyrs doggedly pursued her through a set of open French doors. One dove after her, almost succeeding, her fingers sliding down Bat's backside.

She slid along the carpet a little ways, her outstretched hand coming to rest on the toe of a high-heeled shoe.

"Hey boss, it looks like Hydra's been slacking off on guard duty again," Bat said from the Sorceress' shoulder.

"Mistress! I-" The Satyr on the floor began. Instead of finishing, she rolled back and forth a little in her new form.

With a gesture, the object floated up into her hand. "Well, I guess I don't need to look for mine anymore," The Sorceress commented at the transformed woman. She looked up at Hydra's other self, narrowing her eyes.

Hydra didn't try what didn't work the first time. Instead she bolted back out the doors. She clopped as fast as she could over the smooth stone floor of the patio, nearly tripping several times. Behind her, the Sorceress emerged from the house, waving her hand. The Satyr froze into stone and skidded to a stop. She was standing up straight, her arms forming a large basin at her chest. With a snap of the Sorceress' fingers, water began to run from her nipples, filling the bowl.

"Find that good for nothing snake and tell her I'm docking her pay for this," The Sorceress said irritably.

"But you don't pay her anything boss," Bat remarked.

"Oh right, never mind then, its almost time for the game anyway," She said dismissedly.


"A little more to the left, now raise your right leg," The sorceress commanded. "Perfect! Don't move."

The maid smiled nervously, standing in the odd position with her hands holding a TV antenna above her head. It could have been worse, she thought. She could have actually been the antenna.

The fuzz cleared for the most part, just in time to show a dozen goblins tackling one holding a ball.

"And I do believe the goalie has been eaten," The announcer declared.

"Yes!" The Sorceress exclaimed, thrusting her fist into the air. She was on a patio chair outside watching her favorite game, clad only in a pair of shorts and a tank top. She finished her beer and reached for the new one that had obediently been placed on the tray next to her. Grabbing her new bottle opener, she hooked the Satyr's horns under the bottle cap and popped it off.

"This feels wrong on so many levels," Hydra thought sourly as the Sorceress set her back on the serving tray.

Nearby, Bat lounged in the cool water of the Satyr birdbath that had been also been Hydra earlier that day. Helpless in her cold stone form, imagining dozens of possible scenarios for revenge was all that Hydra's other self could manage. It was only a matter of time till the Sorceress figured it out, and then Bat would pay. Her mistress might even know already, but if she did, she wasn't letting on.

For now she just smiled, enjoying her game.

"Oh yes," Bat snickered, agreeing with her mistress, "Victory is sweet." She lay back against Hydra's large breasts, letting out a long satisfied sigh.

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