Daylight come and I wanna go home

By Lurking Tentacle

Hydra gently watered the young tomato plants, careful not to crush any of them as she slid through the vegetable garden. Each of her bodies was wearing a gardening apron, tools lining the pockets, and a straw sun hat. As she got to the older plants, many of them were hung heavily with large, ripe tomatoes. Among the bright red fruit on one plant, was a decidedly more female shaped tomato. She closed her eyes as the cool drops washed over her, delighting in the feel of the water on her soft body.

"You and you're silly obsession with this garden," Bat said, she'd been bugging Hydra for a while as she tended her plants. She was hanging from an odd tree near the center of the small agricultural area. It was unusual in the fact that many different kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables grew from its branches. However, all of them carried at least some hint of a female image.

"I like my garden," Hydra stated firmly.

"Maybe it's got a few good points," Bat conceded, eyeing a sexy piece of fruit hanging nearby her. "But you're just wasting your time doing it the old fashioned way. Working yourself like a fool instead of using magic."

"Keep yapping and you'll sssee some magic," Hydra warned.

"Ha!" Bat scoffed, "I bet you wouldn't even know what to do with a book about geomancy. Anything you succeed in has to be a fluke! Like that melon patch of yours. And when was the last time you ever..."

Hydra started to get annoyed as Bat rambled on. One of her heads looked over at the little creature hanging on her branch across the garden. She opened her mouth slightly and a thin stream of liquid shot out. It sailed through the air and hit Bat square in the chest.

"What's the big idea?" Bat said angrily as she swung back and forth a little from the impact. She started to feel funny, and looked up to find her feet taking root in the branch. "What? Hey!" She exclaimed as she lost control of her wings. They began to cover her body, from her head to feet. She struggled against her own rebellious wings as she started turning yellow. They sealed together all around her, wrapping tightly around her breasts and leaving only her face exposed. Her wiggling slowed as her new exterior stiffened up, any visible seams vanishing. She hung from the branch in the oblong form of a banana, her bust still visible under her new peal. She stared at Hydra with a dirty look.

"I'm sorry, that was rude of me. What were you sssaying?" Hydra said politely.

"I hate you," Said the banana.

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