Bat on Bat

By Lurking Tentacle

"Ahhh," Bat sighed, flopping down on the small couch that was just her size. She gazed out the open back wall of the dollhouse at the window she'd flown in through. "So many losers, so little time," She chuckled. She'd been out about the grounds as usual, Bitch gaining the grace of her attention this particular day. She sat for a moment, expectantly, in the elegant Victorian room. A minute passed, and she began to tap her thumb claw on the back of the sofa. "What's it take to get something to eat around here!" She shouted impatiently.

There was the crash of tiny silverware hitting the floor. A moment later, the maid stumbled into the room with a tray. A small chain trailed behind her, ending in a clasp just like that of a pocket watch chain. She nearly tripped, teetering over and hopping on one foot to keep upright.

Bat laughed cruelly at the clockwork girl's near misfortune. As a clock her timing was perfect, but as a person it always looked to be a little off.

She managed to present the serving tray to Bat without spilling any of the contents. Raspberries, tangerine slices, and tiny grapes melon-balled from a single one were all available.

Snatching a slice of tangerine with her foot, Bat bit into it messily.

"I'm sorry mistress, we're out of moths again," The maid said. It was something Bat might have missed if the girl hadn't mentioned it.

"I'll have to mmm punish you later for mmm such an oversight," Bat said, looking at her over the piece of fruit.

"Yes mistress," She answered, a slight blush betraying... something.

Finishing some of the selection from the tray, Bat sighed in satisfaction and put her feet up on the couch.

Knowing what was expected of her, the small clockwork took the bowl of psudo-grapes and stood next to her mistress.

"Ugh dinner is way too far off," Bat complained, referencing the clock on her maid's chest.

At first glance, it might have been mistaken for a pocket watch worn as a necklace, but it was most assuredly a part of her.

"I wonder what Hydra is up to?" Bat mused to herself, being fed the small pieces of fruit one by one. "Maybe I should go make her day a little brighter."

"Something from your collection perhaps?" The maid ventured.

"I knew there was a reason I keep you around," Bat smiled. "Go pick something out. Surprise me," Bat shrugged, pointing at the door with a toe.

Blushing at the praise, the maid bowed slightly and hurried out of the room.

"Well, she's got a nice ass too I guess," Bat muttered, craning her neck slightly to watch the girl leave.


The room was filled with various trinkets, just tossed any old place and left there. There were wands, rings, and amulets scattered around the former bedroom.

The maid looked around apprehensively. She never cleaned in here, worried she might trigger something accidentally. She knew that Bat didn't even know what most of them did, or how to reverse their effects, but that didn't stop her from using them anyway.

She sighed, thinking about her mistress, another blush creeping onto her face. She tended to do it a lot, especially since Bat never wore any clothes. She snapped herself out of it, remembering her mission. She reached for an amulet, but stopped. Something told her that touching it would have been a really bad idea. Uneasily, she grabbed a silver ring lying next to it and returned to her mistress.


"Well now, what did this one do again," Bat thought aloud, putting a thumb to her chin. "Oh yes!" She remembered. "This could be fun. Lets try it on for size," She said, lifting a leg up and wiggling her toes.

The maid slipped the ring on, sliding it all the way up Bat's thigh. She reddened at the proximity of her hands to such an intimate place on her mistress.

"Ooo," Bat remarked sensually at the cool metal of the ring against her skin. "Fits nicely I see," She said, getting up. "Oh! If I used it twice..." Bat trailed off, realizing something. "I've wanted to try that since that seminar last month," She snickered evilly.

The maid's blush deepened, unprofessional thoughts about her mistress going through her mind. It was true, evil really did get all the girls.

"Well I'm gonna go find that two-headed collection of ignorance and have some fun," Bat said. "You do whatever it is that useless paperweights do all day," She waved at her servant. Hopping off the back of the dollhouse, Bat flapped up to the window and climbed outside. "Well, maybe a quick bath first," She remarked to herself.

The maid surveyed the mess left from Bat's snack. The fruit juice was beginning to dry and become sticky. "Thank goodness for magical dry cleaning," She said.


Hydra made her way through her garden. She'd just finished adding a Satyr to her prized agricultural collection. The horny girl hung helplessly from a vine, bearing a reasonable resemblance to the strawberries around her.

All in all, Hydra was mostly pleased. She didn't see it coming when Bat landed, straddling the back of her neck.

Slapping her wings over Hydra's eyes, Bat declared gleefully, "Guess who!"

Hydra's other head growled at the pest, and a tail shot to grab her. Suddenly, Hydra felt something warm on the back of her neck. Her tail never reached Bat. It simply vanished, along with her other body.

Bat was still on Hydra's shoulders, but things were very different. Now Hydra was a match for Bat, in size as well as form. They were also quite a few feet in the air.

As they fell, Bat laughed, throwing a wing into the air. She road Hydra nearly into the ground before spreading her other wing and taking off.

Hydra landed face first into the soft dirt of the vegetable garden.

Bat landed a few feet away and waited keenly for Hydra's reaction.

Hydra pushed herself over and sat up. She looked down at her hands, or rather, her wings. Long fingers joined together by membranous skin flexed angrily. "A bat... you turned me into a damn BAT?" Hydra screeched, looking at her enemy with eyes aflame.

"What? Not good enough for you?" Bat smirked.

With a scream of rage, the redhead jumped at her.

Bat simply hopped up, planted a foot on the back of Hydra's head, and sprung off into the air.

Picking herself up, Hydra beat her wings inexpertly. She managed to get off the ground, barely, and go after Bat.

"Think you can get me huh?" Bat taunted, keeping just ahead of her. She hooked around a tree.

Hydra, not having mastered the art of turning yet, crashed into the bushes.

"You remind me of a brick I once knew!" Bat laughed at her as she crawled from the brush. However, she was a little too cocky, and was tackled out of the air.

Hydra fumbled on top of her, grappling clumsily. "You're going to regret your meddling today you little runt."

Bat's momentary fear quickly disappeared in the face of the redhead's ineptness. "Oh what, are you trying to strangle me? With no hands? I guess your brain shrunk a little too much," Bat jibbed, easily kicking her off.

The rather one-sided chase was quickly on again. Hydra trying her best to gain proper control of her new individual body, while Bat flitted about just out of reach.

"Maybe if I slow down?" Bat mused. "Naa that wouldn't be fair."

"To the veterinary staff maybe!" Hydra snarled, making another attack on her.

Bat rolled out of the way casually, not even trying. "Geez, did I turn you into a bat or a chicken? Or maybe you just have too much lead in your diet," She offered. By this time she was hardly even paying attention. She flapped extra hard once, clearing a branch, only to see Hydra smack right into it. Slowly, she circled around. Coming up on Hydra, she landed heavily on top of the transformed snake woman.

Hydra struggled as Bat pinned her wings to the ground.

"I guess being a bat is a little too much for you, Eh? Maybe you should try just being a part of a bat for a while," She grinned down at her. Bat slid her leg between Hydra's, pressing the ring against her sex.

Startled, Hydra looked down as the cool metal suddenly heated up against her. She looked back up just as Bat pressed herself down onto her, smiling darkly. A moment later, Hydra opened her eyes, both pairs.

"There, that better? Back to being two," Bat said, cupping her new breasts. She stoked them a little more, still excited from the chase.

Still furious, Hydra closed her eyes and refused the pleasure that was forced on her.

"You know," Bat said, looking down at her, "You should really stop callin me four-eyes. Ya hypocrite," She scoffed, flicking her nipples. The sensation spiked through her. Bat felt a tiny whimper of delight from her breasts, breaking through the anger. "Feh, you'll warm up to it eventually. And if not, then I'll warm you up myself," She threatened, taking off.


Bat glided over the grounds, angling back towards the mansion. "Welcome to Air Bat," She narrated. "We hope you enjoy your trip to the manor. Flight time is expected to be around thirty seconds. Upon landing, you will be the guest of honor at Bat's many sexual escapades for the next... well, as long as I can get away with it actually," She said with a wicked smile, breaking character.


Bat dropped to the floor of the dollhouse with a spring in her step. Purposely of course, in order to make her breasts bounce. "Tock!" She hollered.

There was the usual crash, and the clockwork girl scrambled into the room. Unfortunately, her chain caught on the doorframe. She started to fall forward, but stopped. She was kept up in an awkward position by her chain, pulled taunt behind her. If she tried to move, she would certainly fall. She looked up at her Mistress pleadingly.

"Need a hand?" Bat asked uncharacteristically.

The girl smiled in thanks.

Bat grabbed the chain with a foot, giving it a tug. It popped off the doorframe and dumped the girl face first onto the floor. "You are absolutely hopeless," She laughed pitilessly. "Anyway!" Bat said, changing the subject. "My breasts are having Hydra over for a few days, we simply must show her a good time!"

"Your breasts?" Tock said, blushing at the thought of the globes in question. She didn't get it at first, until she saw Hydra's twin unamused looks on Bat's chest. "Oh dear," She said, covering her mouth with a hand demurely. The thought of becoming her Mistress' breasts definitely sparked something in her. Envy, she realized.

"Well?" Bat said when the girl just stood there.

"Well what?" Tock questioned, confused.

"Hurry up and seduce me!" Bat demanded.

The clockwork girl's mouth worked, but nothing came out.

"You know you're really bad at this," Bat told her. Wrapping a wing around the girl, she pulled her close. Copping a feel with her other wing, Bat kissed her deeply. Tock's lips were cold, but they quickly began to warm under the contact. Bat loved how the wind up girl always seemed to melt for her.

Tock moaned as her Mistress pulled her down, unbuttoning her dress with a nimble thumb claw. Her breasts bobbed free to meet Bat's own.

Hydra winced as the cold flesh pressed against her, but it rapidly heated up.

The two pairs of breasts rubbed against each other as Bat continued to plunder the maid's lips. With her foot, she kicked off the ring. It rolled into the corner of the room. Soon enough, a maid's uniform joined it.


Daylight cracked into the bedroom. Bat was splayed across the bed. On top on her, the clockwork girl lay motionless. "Tock," Bat called tiredly, "Make up a list of fun things to do with breasts today. Keep in mind you'll probably be responsible for performing most of them," She said, snuggling up against the girl.

Tock reddened, having long since wound down.

"Enjoy being able to move," Hydra's own tired voice piped up in Bat's head, "You won't be doing it for a long time when I get done with you."

"Oh be quiet you boob," Bat murmured into Tock's soft bosom.

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