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Squirrel Girrls
The Sorceress has finally found a way to deal with her Satyr problem. She enchanted an oak tree to grow a magical form of Acorn. Anyone eating one of these Acorns is transformed into a Squirrel Girl. A side effect is that anyone also hit by one of these Acorns either being thrown or dropped is also transformed, but only temporarily. That is if they can fight the urge to eat the Acorn that just changed them. As happy as the Sorceress is with her new method of dealing with the satyrs there is a chance that this might backfire on her. The Satyrs so far affected haven't seemed to notice the changes.
The Deer Hunter
Bopped on the head by a magic acorn, this hunter's shooting days maybe over. Unless of course he can fight the urge to eat the acorn that changed him. Guess he better get used to living in trees.
A new addition to the Sorceress' pond.

Even in the garden people need a friend to lean on...or sit on, as the case may be.

By Lemachi

These three were responsible for watering all of the Sorceress house plants, but some one didn't do her job and some of the Sorceress' violets died (the non human ones!) Now these three better hope their replacements are better at the job than one of them was.

One early morning there was a terrible crash in the garden. Some one managed to crash a small airplane into a large Oak deep in the garden. The Sorceress stormed out ready to punish whoever it was who woke her up. She, Bat and Hydra found the wreckage but couldn't locate the pilot. After several wasted minutes looking for the guilty party they went back to the Mansion. But Bat had a creepy feeling of being watched.

Hundreds of ships and planes disappear into the Bermuda Triangle, but one small aircraft that disappeared into a cloud, ended up in a tree on the outskirts of the Sorceress' Garden. His degree in mechanical engineering couldn't help the unconscious pilot when he swallowed an acorn. Fortunately for Melvin, his intellect allowed him to keep his wits and resist his new instincts, as long as he stayed focused. While Mel had always been socially awkward, and the closest thing to sex he'd ever experienced was the feeling he got from flying, he was quite clever. He began renovating the plane into a treehouse workshop. He added all the essentials, running water, plumbing, CD player, rotating bed, shag carpet. The only thing missing was Bat. Mel had always been turned on by wings, and She was Mel's version of a perfect woman.

The fact that Mel was female now didnít bother him too much. He's always been open minded, and Mel was sure one of his ten-thousand pick-up lines would make Bat his!

By Lurking Tentacle

Keith was always something of a night-owl. He could never get to sleep before the wee hours of the morning, and he was forever tired during the day. One night, while dealing with another bout of insomnia, he decided to take a walk in the woods...

By King of Smoke and Mirrors

The Sorceress has noticed more and more fairies hanging around her garden of late. Whether they are victims changed by the garden themselves or simply attracted by all the magic she's not sure yet, but She's beginning to worry about them.

Summer and the Sorceress was complaining about the bugs. One of her maids, originally an active environmentalist, tells her about some non chemical ways to deal with bugs. The Sorceress liked the idea so much she put that maid in charge of pest elimination.
Some victims of the Sorceress don't seem too mind their new shapes so much, in fact some sing their praises.

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