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The Sorceress
Here she is in all her splendor, with Bat helping her cast a powerful spell.

Colored by DMA.

Even the Sorceress does spring cleaning every once in a while. So when her 'toy room' started running out of space, she cleared out some of her old victims. Knowing they needed extra help in the barn, she reverted this old rocker to flesh and blood. Sure, she's now sweeping out the stables, but she's never been happier!

Description by Noah Body.

A new addition to the Garden
Agent Crow
Formerly one of the elite and secretive government agents known as the "Men in Black", he made the mistake of investigating the strange occurrences around the Aeaea Ranch. When the Farmer found out he worked for the government she decided he could help her make sure nobody else come nosing around and transformed him into a living scarecrow. She now guards the farm, doing her best to make sure the farm doesn't get any more unwanted attention and making sure none of the current occupants of the farm run off.

Becoming The Unknown

Character and Description by Lemachi

Not even spoiled royalty is immune to Bat's ongoing online sales.
New Maids
These two made a mess on the side of the Sorceress' mansion. So they get to clean it up, and of course that means wearing the proper garb.
Trippy Shroom
Bat is always happy to help.
One night the Sorceress had a horrible dream that the Garden got over run by chickens. Why this might happen no one knows, but the Sorceress promptly increased her anti chicken defenses by making several members of the Garden's staff into fox girls. No chicken will dare to mess with the Sorceress now!!
Looks like Hydra's having fun with another trespasser. People merged with her tail mentally become hydra as well until they are released, but it takes much longer. That lets Hydra have more fun with them.
Harmless Centaur
Another thief caught in the act trying to steal the Sorceress' hard earned treasure. A few spells later and now she's ready to work off her debt. The Sorceress didn't want her taking anymore stuff so she took her arms away, not that she needs them for plowing.

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