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Transforming her guests is the sorceress' bread and butter, but even in the garden there are slow days. On one of these days the Sorceress tried something on a whim, transforming an object into a person for a change. When she eventually forgot her new toy, Tock found a place in Bat's dollhouse, mimicing the other girls around the manor and becoming a maid. But Bat, just like her mistress, knows how to push Tock's buttons.

Description and Character by the Lurking Tentacle.

Another pesky Ninja gets delt with.
Sure, the money as a private veterinarian was good, and the house calls were no big deal, but some of the creatures Dr. Rasmussen saw just defied belief. When he talked to his client about the impossibility of her "pets", he never realized how personaly she'd take it.

Description by Noah Body

Hydra strikes again.
"Not another party," he thought as he delivered the 20 pizzas to the strange old house. But as the door opened, there was no sign of a party. No sign of anyone except the attractive older lady at the door.

"The total comes to $172.23, ma'am," he said. He looked around. "Boy, with this many pizzas, you must eat like a horse!"

He has since learned to watch what he says, and how to pull her own weight.

by Noah Body

The Sorceress has resently started up a buisness relationship with a farm in another reality. This girl is the one who handles the trades for food and items.
Shroom patch
The primary population of the few Mushroom patches scattered across the garden tends to be split down the middle. Half, Scientists (or nerds) trapped by their own curiousity, the other half, free spirits (or hippies), lured in for... obvious reasons.

Every new patch has to start somewhere, as Professor Takeshi discovered soon after after he attempted to examine a specimen. Picking it with metal tongs turned out to be a good thing, tasting it wasn't. A few days later her first patchmate attempted to pick her.

by the Lurking Tentacle.

Hired to help deal with all the paperwork her visits to the modern era seemed to generate, the Sorceress found her new secretary to be a wonderful tool, except for her annoying habbit of bringing dozens of papers for her to sign during playtime.

Tired of being interrupted, she finally decided to do something about it and made the girl into her own personal signet stamp. Now that she's properly equiped, the secretary can generate the paperwork and sign it for the boss, leaving her free to concentrate on more creative and amusing persuits.

By Mad Scientist

This young woman asked the Sorceress to make her a creature of the night. Sadly the Sorceress thought that rabbits are nocturnal.

A satyr enjoying a snack in the garden, she better be careful of what she eats.

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