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This woman stumbled upon the Garden recently, and it didn't take long for the Sorceress to cast a spell on to her. However this victim is a magic user herself, and was able to stop the spell, or at least stop half the spell. The Sorceress wasn't paying much attention at the time and so assumed that she had meant for the spell to work out like that. It was a nice shape, so the Sorceress left her like that and never noticed her magic. Since then she’s been sneaking around and trying to learn more about the Garden, because she likes it and wishes to take over. If only she can find the Sorceress’ weakness. So far her magical abilities have remained secret, and anyone who finds out about her special talents winds up missing.

The Sorceress is not known to be politically correct, which is why this Spanish speaking victim wound up like this, even though she's Puerto Rican.

The story continues.

Another addition to the pond.
Bat visiting Philladelphia,
Along with Hydra, to do the bidding of the Sorcerss, and maybe get a cheese steak.

A nice addition to the front room of the Sorceress' mansion
The Sorceress loves her Aquarium, it helps calm her down.
Moo Shoo
A chinese beef dish.
Dyana considered herself pretty lucky. After all, she'd actually managed to escape an encounter with the Sorceress without any more changes to her rather new likeness. The Sorceress had just wanted her to "put some clothes on". It's just too bad that her friend Shauna was with her at the time. Though, she did make a nice sweater.

Discription by JMD Writer

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