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Satyr Shroom
Many items on the Sorceress' property are enriched with magic, and even the safest looking item can turn out to be trouble, as this satyr found out when she tried to pick a tasty looking mushroom.
As for this Satyr, she was caught by the Sorceress in her vegetable garden, but got away. Well half of her did, slowly, very slowly.
This girl's Moooveing up in the Sorceress' staff, she used to be a tree.
Kiss Kiss
These two were constantly sneeking off and makeing out instead of doing there work. The Sorceress caught them and now all they can do is make out. They don't seem to mind, Yet.
This guy wondered out loud what it felt like to become a cow girl. Now he knows.
Alyson the Mushroom
Yet another victim of the mushroom patch.
Long Beef
The Sorceress likes to try new things out.

Some people are always worried about their looks.
For some reason this new addition to the Garden loves to tease Bitch.
Foxes are good at hunting, Right? Maybe she can cut down on those Satyrs. Or would Wolves be better?

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