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Dr. Krank and Igor
The head designer for BaTco, Dr. Krank is constantly trying out her new inventions on her assistant Igor and often enough herself! Not to mention any volunteer that she can get her hands on.

Photo by Deuce

Not long ago there was a break in at BaTco and one of Dr. Krank's new inventions was stolen. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the device or the thief please contact BaTco.

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Changed Back
The Prince still searched for the woman he desired. She had run away and disappeared into the forest years ago. He was determined to find her one day and force her to be his. No one defied him.

Then one day while wandering the forest he saw a flash of color. He bent down to see a mushroom and was very startled when it looked back up at him. The face under the mushroom's cap was unmistakable, it was the girl who had run from him and disappeared. Now he new what had become of her. This forest is enchanted and she must have fallen prey to some curse that had changed her so.

He grinned as he knelt down to pick her. Her face was locked in horror as he towered over her. He might not be able to have her as a lover but he could still own her.

But as he pulled her out of the ground to gloat he felt very strange. He lost consciousness… A gasp of joy woke him up. He looked around to get his bearings and saw the girl who he wanted. She was enormous, nude, and covered in large red spots. She stared at her hands and arms, something she didn't have as a mushroom. She looked down at the prince and he was filled with fear. She stood there for a while grinning and finally turned to walk away not saying a word.

It was only after he tried to follow and looked down at himself that he understood why she was smiling so much.

Nice Rack!
Hunting is a fun sport, just be certain that while hunting you don't crossover into the Sorceress' garden. She dislikes poaching.

As soon as her elbow hit the jar the maid knew she was in trouble. The glass jar bounced on the tile floor and rice spilled all over. She quickly knelt down to scoop it up hoping that the sound had not alerted the Sorceress.

"Hey, check out what klutzy in here did!" sounded a voice from the ceiling light fixture.

Bat had caught her, that little flying rodent. She now scrambled frantically to clean up the mess before the Sorceress arrived. Spilling something might not be a big deal but you could never tell with the Sorceress. She reached for another hand full of rice and suddenly felt herself hit the floor. She struggled to move her limbs only to find that they were now gone, along with almost all of her maid uniform. She felt cold tile on her flesh.

"Now, now, how many times have I told you to be careful?" Scolded the Sorceress from the doorway of the kitchen. "Look at my nice floor all covered in rice."

The maid heard a small metallic clang next to her and saw a pair of tweezers.

"I expect you to clean all of this mess up, and once you've done that I'll see if I want to give you your limbs back. Hmm, or maybe you could make a nice new foot rest." The Sorceress laughed quietly as she turned and walked out.

The maid slowly wiggled over to the tweezers and grabbed them in her mouth. As she began to pick up each grain of rice and place it in the jar she felt tiny feet walk across her back.

"Good thing the glass didn't break, huh?" Smirked bat and then she flew off giggling.

Being a foot rest suddenly sounded like a really nice change of pace.

Get It?!
The Sorceress is not known for her sense of humor, but on occasion she'll use her magic to make a joke, often at the expense of someone else. For weeks after the Adventure Party invaded her garden and had to be dealt with the Sorceress would snicker and giggle at her little pun.

"Heh, snurk,Get it, Bat? You get it? Snurk.. HALF ELVES!!! Haahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahahhhaha!"

The two Elfin women aren’t laughing, nor are the others who were with them who the Sorceress also dealt with.

Trick-or-Treating in the Garden can be scary, as one of these Satyrs discovered.

Photo by Deuce

Bat loves to order things off the internet. Mostly to see what the Sorceress will turn the mailman into.

Photo by Deuce

William was one of the hottest stockbrokers around. He had everything -- money, women, power -- everything except happiness. When the bottom fell out of the stocks, William was all but destitute. But he received a strange note offering him a job on a farm. He knew some changes would be needed for this new way of life, but not this many.

Now, Billie has what William would call nothing -- no money, no power, no women. But Billie has satisfaction and happiness.

Story by Noah Body

Photo by Deuce

The Sorceress' garden was beginning to thrive. But when she went out to discover half of her real flowers eaten by mice again, she decided that enough was enough.

Story By Noah Body

All he said was 'Boy, I'd love to tap that ass', then the next thing he knew, she was on four legs with her tits hangin' out!
Hard to fight when you're rooted down.

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