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Cowgirl Friends
Jim didn't know what to expect when Sara invited him over to her place. Then he saw the MooMachine in the corner. A few twists of the dial, a couple switches flipped and soon Jim was checking out his new farm girl looks. He and Sara would be having a fun time this weekend.

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Sea Slugirl
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The Prince always suspected that his scribe was secretly in love with him, and this was only enforced when she leaped in front of him to take a poisoned arrow that was meant for him.

A good ruler repays loyalty with loyalty, and he summoned doctors from all around to help his wounded scribe. However the court's sage told him of a witch who lives in a garden not far away. She could heal the scribe but there would be a cost. So the Prince sent one of his knights with the dieing scribe and gold to this magical garden.

The Witch healed the Scribe but didn't stop there. The Prince lost his favorite scribe but gained a loyal guardian for his castle grounds. She patrols each night, protecting her prince who she still lovingly watches in his window high in the castle.

Photo by Deuce

Just communing with nature.
Satyr Jones
A brave and inquisitive Satyr who likes whips, or a famous archeologist who explored the wrong garden? You be the judge!

Photo by Deuce

Deadlines. Idiot clients. Overbearing bosses. Noise, strife, tension, headaches... ENOUGH!

A walk in the park during lunch was needed. Something to help relax and soothe those jangled nerves. And sitting under the big, moss-laden tree helped. But that odd mushroom at the base just looked strange. So up I plucked it for a better look.

Momentary disorientation. I looked around. Everything was so big! And me... I was a mushroom!

But at least everything is quiet now!

Story By Noah Body

The other fairies always warned Lilac about her curiosity. But the garden looked so beautiful. Surely the sorceress that owned it wouldn't mind her looking around. The trees had such wonderful knotty places for her to rest. The fountains made such decadent baths. But after a while, she felt her stomach rumble. And even though the nectar from the flowers was very tasteful, the smell of the warm, cocoa brownies coming from the house was too much to resist.

It was a rough time dodging the guardian spells, and that bat sprite was a terror. But Lilac finally was clear of her pursuers. Settling down in a secluded space, the chocolatey taste of the brownies rolling on her tongue, she didn't even notice the flavor of the magic until it was too late.

Well, at least she was her favorite color. And Lilac rather liked the floofy tail...

Story By Jack Krolak

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The Amazon had been banished from her tribe, she was not fierce enough a warrior. So she hunted for many years to find the Sorceress. She wanted the infamous magic user to give her the aspects of the legendary Chimera. Part Lion, part goat, and part dragon, she would have no problem fighting as well as any other.

Sadly for her she didn't tell the Sorceress what parts she wanted to belong to what beast.

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