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On Vacation
The Sorceress does give out vacation time to servants who do good work. Here's Penelope enjoying hers in her own way.

Photo By Deuce

Another addition to the Sorceress' aquarium.
Zebra Danio
The Satyrs of the aquarium!
Need to fill out your new Dungeon or Maze? Want to show off at the next major battle? Looking for a pet that will be the talk of the town?

In order to make a little extra cash the Sorceress has started up a new service. For the right price she makes new Guards, Monsters, or Pets for wealthy clients. They must supply their own subjects. This new combat naga was a volunteer from Queen Zona's personal guard.

Photo By Deuce

There's a reason the Sorceress needs so many Cat girls!

Even the Sorceress celebrates new years. Happy Year of the pig!
Boobie Trap
Vanessa thought it would be easy pickings. Sure, she was warned that the crazy lady with the mansion in the woods might have booby traps, but there wasn't a trap yet that she couldn't get around. But she had never dealt with magic before, much less one that was so literal...

Story by Noah Body

Shroom FAQ
And now a Botanist speaks about a strange new form of Mushroom that has been discovered.
Jeremy gazed hungrily at the acorn in her furry paws. Getting hit on the head by an acorn and transforming into a squirrel girrl had been a shock. But she knew the spell would wear off on its own.

As long as she didn't eat the acorn.

She was at war with herself. Her human side crying out for rationality, to cast the acorn aside and scurry away as far as her legs could carry her. But her new squirrelly instincts fought back, filling her mind with the desire, with the NEED to eat that acorn. It looked so delicious, its smooth woody surface just waiting to be broken by her sharp incisors.

NO! She won't. She can't. She has to become human. She can't just leave her life behind for some silly nut...

Or could she? Not like life was that great...and it wouldn't be so bad rule, no schedules, and all the acorns you can eat.

It was delicious.

Story by LeMachi

Playing Fetch
It's good to get out and play with your Slugirl so that they can get exercise and fresh air, though some games take longer than normal. If you do play fetch you might want to bring a book.

This message was brought to you by BaTco

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