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Jenny was so bored at her job in the office, then one day she was wondering through the woods and found a magical Garden. She's still bored, but at least now she gets fresh air.
This victim of the garden thought that they had managed o escape scott free. Only days later on their way to work did the Sorceress' spell kick in.
Even the Sorceress isn't completely self-sufficient. Special herbs and foods take time and talent to prepare. So, the Sorceress subcontracts out to a farm -- a special farm -- to take grow them for her. Hippodemea (known as "Di" to her friends) was the first to find the dimension the farm is in. It's atmosphere changed her into something the Farm needed, just like it changes all other new comers.
Happy Shroom
Some people can't be upset by anything!
Milk Maid
Another worker at Di's Farm

Photo By Deuce

A person who has eaten a magic mushroom can not change back, and anyone who tries to pick them or otherwise hurt them (Even by accident) becomes a new shroom girl. Apparently this Gal did not know that, and she was into nibbling. She doesn't seem too upset though. However her new friend might take a while to get used to her new shroom mate.

With winter approaching its time to hide some nuts!

Photo By T-Chall

Slugirl FAQ
A flier with handy info about Slugirls from BaTco.

Despite all her warnings people still try to sneak into the Garden and steal things that belong to the Sorceress. This thief wanted gold, and now she can have as much as she wants, golden hay that is. And with hooves, she's a lot less likely to be sneaking anywhere any more.

Photo By Deuce

One day, years ago, in the Garden the Sorceress and her staff were awoken by a horrible rumbling noise from deep beneath the ground. Some rapid digging soon revealed a network or tunnels and caverns under the Garden. With a quick change of clothes the Sorceress set out to lead an expedition into the dungeon to discover the source of the sounds.

The caverns twisted and turned leading further and further down. Some of the servants that accompanied the Sorceress fell victim to various monsters and traps, who changed people into mushrooms, objects, or other monsters. But eventually the party arrived at a deep and large cave. Gold and treasures were spread across the floor and upon the glittering riches slept a great Dragon snoring away.

Not being diplomatic type the Sorceress woke the Dragon up and ordered it to be quiet. The battle that followed was grand and violent. Many spells bounced off the Dragon's scales and outfit after outfit was burnt off of the Sorceress. The Sorceress party dwindled as many of them were caught by ricocheting spells, but eventually the Sorceress found a weak spot in the Dragon's armor and one of her spells took effect.

The Sorceress was impressed by the beast and felt that it would make a worthwhile addition to her staff. A few more spells and a trip to the surface later and the Sorceress had herself a new maid. Penelope, the new maid's new name, soon rose up the ranks and now commands all of the Sorceress' maid staff. She has never forgotten what she used to be, and silently hates the Sorceress, but with no magic she has no ability to fight her. So Penelope takes most of her fury out on Bat and other staff members.

As for the hoards of treasure, the Sorceress forgot about them in the heat of battle and they still sit in the deepest part of the cavern. Waiting for some brave adventurer to find.

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