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Midas' Tomb
Our intrepid explorer pauses to gloat over her French adversary.

What's black and white, and...

Photo By Deuce

The echoes of Ewan's cries could be heard throughout the stables. He was grateful that the Masters once again threw him into the stables without a beating, but he could feel the pangs of hunger eating away at him. Everyone looked down on Ewan: his lord, the nobles, even the other serfs. It was only the horses that Seamus cared for that he truly felt at peace with. So, once again he went over to the trough to fill himself on the oats there.

He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him as he saw the wee folk playing in the horse feed there. He squeezed his eyes shut and when he opened them, they were gone. As Ewan swallowed the feed, his hunger did dissipate, but he began to feel odd. The heaviness in his soul lightened. The pain and regrets were replaced by a joy in just being alive. As the happy feelings swept over him, he didn't notice as he changed. When he saw his new reflection in the water, Ewan knew that he would never have to worry about the English again.

Story By Noah Body
Photo By Deuce

The artist's favorite hand!
Some Cats don't mind water!
Remember, after using your Slug-O-Matic 2000 be sure to walk your new slugirl TM every day, they need their exercise!

Photo by Deuce

Beware fashion Terrorists!
Bessy and her friend were enjoying a nice walk through the park when all of a sudden Bess heard a small giggle from some bushes. She soon felt very strange, like her skin was stretching out into new shapes. She fell to the ground, and as she looked at herself not only was her clothing now gone but she had grown another set of arms/legs and was now covered in scales with a long tail. She reached to her friend for help but as she touched her leg she heard her friend gasp and felt her stiffen and grow cold. She felt the dust that had been her clothing fall like snow onto her new scaly skin.

As Bassy looked up at her new stony friend she wondered how people would react to her tomorrow at work.

As the ship sank in the stormy waters she felt herself dragged down with it. She kicked and swam as hard as she could until she finally blacked out. She was very shocked when she woke up lying at the bottom of the sea. She found her legs merged into a strong tail and her fingers webbed. As strange as all of this was she was even more surprised but the attention she got from the one who saved her.

Joan was sick and tired of her good for nothing roommate. So the next time the mooch called in sick for work to sleep late Joan acted, using her brand new Slugirl-O-Matic. Now she still has to pay all the rent herself but at least she has a wonderful and cuddly new pet.

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