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Drag Queen
An older image that I found floating aroung my hard drive.
A random pixxy, who is probobly up to no good! This gal was originaly designed as a Tattoo for a girl I knew.
A Medusa in her Garden
A lost image found!
Buzz Bomb
By popular demand!

A breif shot of an upcoming japanese RPG video game.

Beware of crystal skulls in ancient ruins.

There's always room for cat girls!
When tresspassing late at night make sure its not the wrong farm!
Different people react in different ways to having their gender switched. Murry seems to be handeling it rather well. His Room mate, not so well.

Characters from the bonus comic Tits for Twits

This misbegotten loner ran afoul of some aliens on some desolate back road near a cow pasture.

Character from the bonus comic Cows Encounters

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