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Diann is looking a lot sharper nowadays.
Ryoko and Ayeka
Meanwhile at Tenchi's...
Washu's revenge
Never mess with a Genius!
Erica tries on the new Latex naga suit. This outfit is sold at Sebastian's Magical Fetish shop. Sliding it on causes the wearer's arms to melt away and their legs to turn into a long snakelike tail. Removing it undoes the transformation. Tho removing it can prove to be a problem after the top half is on, as it really takes hands to remove the rings. The top and bottom halves can be worn separately, so you can have a naga with arms or a person without. Different ends can be added to the tail depending on what the wearer wants.

Interesting things happen at Sebastian's.

Brande on display
Art by Sebastian, colors by Naga, Character by ARNie
A comission for a fan.
A Satyr Sorceress
I really don't know who this hoofed beauty is, but I'd love to find out.
Another picture for a fan done at a con.
Goth Goat
A request by a fan of Goths and Satyrs.

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