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Robin & Cindy B&W
Robin and Cindy some how got changed into a pair of Taral Wayne's alien Skunk girls, the Teh Langgi.
The Bather
It pays to read signs.

That does look like a comfy towel tho.

This and the next one were Comissions for a fan who collects Gold Fish.
Pussy Cat
A test image for a large pinup.
Techno Satyr
I've been looking at the new Ghost in the Shell comic and it inspired this. And No it doesn't have and satyrs in it. Pitty that.
My first Were. This was a collaboration between Solid Asp and me. I drew he colored. Isn't she cute?
A punk Centaur
What more do you need to know?
A Zebra
Robin woke up to find that her stay in Africa might be longer than she planed for.

Colored By POP

At Sebastian's Fetish Shop
Interesting things happen at Sebastian's.

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