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A Change of Direction

I have been fascinated by the transformation theme since I can remember. All my life this has been a sense of wonder. Starting, as always with werewolfs. But also with the mer theme as well. I always thought about the transformations of humans to these creatures, but more on the idea of the reptile. This has always fascinated me. I remember such movies as the Serpent, and others that I don't remember, but I remember their content.

I use to draw, rather crudely, people transforming into alligators, snakes, and other form's of lizards and such. I also began to put the naga into perspective. Even though I didn't even know they existed at this time.

But my artistic ability with pen, and paper is non existent. So like so many kids of the seventies, and eighties this fetish or fascination was kept to myself. When the computer, and the Internet came into being I found I was not alone. As I studied such photo manipulation's from Brian Brookwell, and others my interest in the artistic side reemerged. And eventually you see some of my work. My writing on the other hand was something I did before. But to hide my fascination after a story was written it was quickly destroyed.

I would like to talk and meet others in my area, but unfortunately, this is considered porn, as well as the sisten chapel. (no I didn't spell it wrong. This is how the people here pronounce it). So I still look for others with some time of outward sign, but this is like that chance meeting of your dream partner.


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