Bonus Comics

All Bonus Comics may be seen for the price of $5.00 USD each.

I am also offering a subscription service. For $50 USD you will receive 12 months worth of comics, a savings of $10. This subscription may be used retroactively to get the passwords on previous months if you have missed some. Subscribers will receive the passwords as soon as a new comic becomes available.

Subscriptions can be sent to:

Darin Brown
710 Essex Ct
Sanford, NC

Be sure to include and Age Statement and your Email address!

Here are all of the previous bonus comics available to Donators.

Smut Trek part 1
Smut Trek part 2
eBat part 1
eBat part 2
Mythic 3
The Ring & Tits for Twits
Cows Encounters
By Your Command & A Fungus Among Us
The Ring 2
eBat 3 & Hard Rock Hero
The Ring 3
New Doors Opening
Potion Commotion
A Better Mouse Trap (Free)
Of Mice and Catgirls
A New View On Life
A New View On Life part 2
Wand Fight
Mazes and Mooonsters
The Brush
The Aquatic Adventures of Princess Peonie (Free)

All artwork is copyrighted by it's respective owners.

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